Freewrite #4

All I meant to say was

You’re a weird kid

With a lot of shades of grey cause

You parade your fate

Like the math ain’t strange

You weasel to erase that make up

Like it’s a face you think

You can actually change

Even your family can keep up with you

You move down the stable coast all aloof

Unable to catalogue any proofs

For the reasons you do the things you do

Do you even realize you’re all alone?

Starving to stave off your own blue world storm

So much for optimistic

You singe the rivets of your prison from the inside

You’re oddly wired and clearly in the dark

You want something new but never seem to start

Even with all you’ve got

You’re just another white boy with nothing to call his heart

Artifice like washed off chalk

You’re already gone

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