Particle State of OHM

OHM as in continuous waves of sound appearing as states, moments so thick they become something new.

I think that state is produced through a continuum of movement.

Mostpeople think we are still and, experiencing ourselves, that we are steady on existence. Yet, we buoy, we bounce and bob and blob and bulge.

We live out our lives in these movements while spinning about the universe in a matrix of directions we don’t perceive at all.

When I think about the sound of OHM, or other vibratory torrents, I start to feel that I am not a part of a line of action, a progression of movement causing a disturbance in air particles which domino all the way to their disruption of my ears but that somewhere in the middle ground, where the sound waves are consistently peaking or pocketing. There is a transcendent state, a stillness, a harmonization with ulterior existence(s). As if in a particular space the sound finds a comfortable place, settles in and pulls apart tyrannical motion to open a black hole as if a cosmic traffic stop.

Or something like that.

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