A Hybrid Poem thing

I woke up one morning feeling like I didn’t exist. I was in the dream haze that creates a velum between morning and what happened the night before. I was not substantive. I could not tell you what I was. 

I turned on the news and weather where they spoke oddly. I needed something calmer, unobtrusive, self sufficient to help me figure out what I was. 

While I was considering what could help me understand what I was I realized that I had a body. It was the same age as me and would be around a long time. It turned out to be the perfect way to figure out what I was. 

For days I felt Earth loop around Sun and Moon loop around Earth and Sun. Then I felt summer, fall, winter and spring.  Then I looked up and felt like, well, I felt like my body wouldn’t be sufficient to help me find out what I was. 

The planets and stars that are so far away gripped at me. The galaxies that might’ve barely been able to recognize me might’ve seen me. Some other universe, god. 

It was too big for my little body to understand, so I put it aside, and then wrote this down this song to try and figure out what I am.

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