Poet Business Cards ?

Am I a sell out for this? It’s possible. But I think this is a pretty good idea. Or is it? Let me know what you think.

I mean, I’m not trying to be Patrick Batemen, getting all worked up about bone-white biz cards with such and such.

My kind of stuck-up side wouldn’t really worry about having a business card in the first place, except that the other day, while working the circulation desk at my library, I met a very interesting woman and had nothing to give her to contact me.

This was a problem. She was immediately the exact kind of person I would want to get to know. I mean, she was gathering books to write about e.e. cummings, who is one of my favorite poets, and she had interesting, colorful things in her hair. All positive indicator of her creative personality, right?

As she handed me her fairly creative looking business card she asked if I had one.

Nope, I said.

And even though I emailed her with my information, by that time the moment kind of had passed. I mean, I hope to get in touch and grab a cup of coffee sometime, but that particular starting point is long gone. It could have been a moment where something happened.

I don’t want to let a chance like that pass me by again. So, I decided to get myself a business card. Something for those quick meets and moments. Something to remember me by.  

I didn’t want to do the usual thing, though. Why would I, right?

Name. Phone number. Email. Blah.

That’s when I decided on collages.

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