Poet Business Cards ??

After playing with shape, size and color options for a creative business card, I figured on making individual, business card sized collages. (The obvious difficulty in producing individual collages, each to be given out as is, quickly became apparent…but still, in the name of process I, the editor, continue).  

This is the first batch I put together:

Initially, I tried papier-mâché, but that warped the cardstock I used as it dried and was clearly too long of a process to make work. That failure turned me to using foam board and a glue stick. A bit low key, I guess, but it seems to get the job done.

I cut the foam board into rectangles about the size of a standard card, just a little bigger to make it worth-while. Nothing too fancy, since I’m just using a free hand razor to cut out the rectangles. I suppose it would be beneficial to get a cutter bar, especially when mass producing, but I ain’t got that kind of cash and I’m still not super confident people will take these if handed one.

The first few had a lot of trial and error, and to be honest, none of them are exactly fine art. Notice the bent edges and crooked cuts. Eh, it still looks good enough to spark someone’s interest in me and my work.  

I also had some trouble writing out my information one at a time. A sheet of labels that fit my printer would probably be best, but like I said, I’m not made of money.

A colleague suggested using magnets so the cards, which are too thick to stick in a wallet or keep floating around in a purse, could be hung up. Great idea, right!? With that first idea I eventually decided on sticky wall mount squares—that way, someone could hang it up in their office, on their idea board, anywhere they want.

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