Poet Business Cards ???

Once I got into it, not worrying about the desired result of the collages so much as the actual result, the collages themselves, and having decided to commit to at least a handful of cards, the fun took over.

A comic almanac had been laying around my apartment(s) for some time, just sitting there. I had no idea what I would read it for or what river I could float it down, but it ended up being perfect for this. In it, I found a bunch of pictures to use and the language was varied and interesting.

I’m no collagist, but I think this kind of business card is a creative and even kind of productive way of getting my name out into the world.

It doesn’t exactly say businessman, which I like. It definitely says creative, which I do like. Anyway, having a business card at all says I’m interested in work and collaboration, which is the point.

Like I’ve said, though, I’m still not sure this kind of thing will fly. How many can I realistically carry with me? Will people actually take one? What will they do with them once they’re home? Do most people keep biz cards in their wallets? Do I want people who collect business cards in their wallets to have my card/time?

What I used to make the writerly business cards (for the sake of Pinterest):  

            Foam board (black)—I think mine is a quarter inch

            Sticker labels—Sheet or individual



            Glue stick

            Mounting squares

            A couple books to wreck

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