Free Write July 29, 2019

I wake up and I stake it / soul glaze slimming up a dream daze / if I am alive then I’m gonna take it / make love and graze the other state with heavenly graces till my position relates to ethereal gates // I’m dead like a raised myth / face to the sky with no mimic kits / lifted by wisdom into imagelessness // heaviness falls from my appletree #erykahbadu  so leave if you’re not into it

Freed in a passion that’s a part of me / no choice in the matter it’s compulsory like Rilke / fixed rhythm or tantric dissonance / you feel me if there’s a reason so here’s my mission piece // children of the perfect peace / terrible beauty & laws of We / come to the river / come to the sea / come to the music of the powers We believe / no dogma rabies or contradictive ontology / We’re here needing to relate a world mostpeople #eecummings  can’t see // free as the freestyle beat in me / in a moment I’ve spoken my peace / now the day begins / work and loves and other things that need me

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