Time Wasters: When I’m not Writing Poems

A couple things I won’t admit to or volunteer here, of course.

As I sit here, waiting to tutor a young ESL student, I’m not in my poetry zone. So I’m thinking about what I would rather be doing than waiting around.

There are a few time occupiers I magnetize toward when I’m not writing even when I definitely have time to do some writing. I hesitate to call them time wasters, because I do find them valuable in many ways, but, in terms of poetry writing and this blog, they are magnificently terrible ways of avoiding writing, revision and finding inner joy.

The first is t.v. I love any movie. Basically. I haven’t gotten into deep cut, art-scene films (I still haven’t progressed from the word “movie,” after all), but I can appreciate the difference between Transformers 9,000 and Casablanca.

I’ll move on because I don’t have much to say on the topic of movies. After all, this isn’t a movie blog.

I will say this: Jupiter Ascending is a fantastic movie and you should stop judging it.

Oh, the good ole Playstation 3.

I get a bit dorky with this, but I love the PS Move. It’s actually one of the few ways I get exercise anymore. For me, it’s Just Dance with company or Sports Champions 2 when I’m alone.

I’m also a longtime fan of Call of Duty. I started with World at War back when I was young and have done okay with keeping up, at least in poet time. I think I was allowed to play when I was in middle school or sometime before because my Grandpa had fought in Europe. Maybe that’s why I still play. Anyway, I’m up to Black Ops II now. I haven’t completed the campaign in the year I’ve had it, but I’m tearing through multiplayer at my typical, disinterested in completing challenges sort of way.

Those are my main two. I can’t say either brings a whole lot to the table when I’m writing. C.o.D. has the potential to get me amped up, but when I’m done playing, I’ll usually eat and zone out.

I’ve thought about writing poems under a collective title like “At the Movies” or something, but nothing’s ever come of it. Like I said, I don’t have much of use to say about the subject–Am not an attendant lord, even. Cannot swell a progress.

Just thought I’d share.

What kind of time wasters do you take part in? Anything particularly odd??

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