Against the Grain

After failing with light outside during my daytime experiment, I turned to inside of the garage to chance flow.

I had better luck in the dusky one car garage. Naturally.

The first attempt during my exertion to the backyard and garage.

This endeavor with an overhead projector has been one of process. Clearly, if you hadn’t noticed the lack of melody, timing or wit.

From the beginning, it has been necessary to have documentation be a part of how this creative project develops. Without useful, readable photos, the writing gets lost. No time to revisit, no time for revision.

I don’t have a standard set up yet. Mostly, I have only worked with my smartphone, with a little time using a trusty hand held digital camera (which I haven’t found the cord for).

With the set below, I felt a strong tie to the environment was easy to explore. During the stint I had outside, where I was in sunlight and wind and sounds, I felt peaceful in writing, but in the garage I felt intent on what would be accomplished in the initial projections.

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