Writing Free, Free Writing

I love the act of ‘getting it out,’ of saying what you have to say without thinking about consequences or allowing doubt to enter your mind.

It’s not all gold. Sometimes the musicality totally falls off into dissonance. Sometimes meaning wobbles into obscurity. Sometimes you just give up because it’s not sounding or feeling right.

What really has me hooked with these overhead projector sessions is that I’m writing out poems and things and then erasing them almost immediately.

I take multiple pictures of each “slide” before wiping them away, so they are documented even if they no longer exist in their original form.

Things are that way, though. Every seven years or so our cells regenerate so that the skin you have today is not the same skin you will have in seven years. We change over time. We become something else.

It’s an act focused on the moment that really interests me. Less building a perfectly sturdy house with all the bells and whistles and more finding shelter before a storm hits.

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