Basement Warm-up

Sometimes these things go really well.

Other times, the best things to come out of a session are the accidental photos you take of the basement floor.

I’m including this writing, in addition to excellent photos of the basement floor, because in this project process is so important. The writing and dissemination of it require attention to the craft of writing and the art and eye for documentation. Maybe to my detriment, both poems and pictures need to happen at the same time, interrupting and integrating with each other.

This writing is less the craft heavy and prosody poised work that keeps process hidden behind closed doors of the poet’s writing studio and their intellectual hesitance, and more the freestyle, live over home-made beats push for moments of flow.

(I think a lot of poetry is viewed as high art for attention given to craft. Every line, every word is soo important, mostpeople say. But when are those carefully attended to words actually saying something?).

Especially in the blog format, I’m becoming more comfortable sharing freestyle style spit and occasional flow. After reviewing photos from this basement session, I thought about deleting them all in a rather forced feeling of inadequate metrical logic and uniform orders of information.

But then I thought, who cares?

Either you look for little joys where you can find them, or you think it’s all figured out. I’m of the former mind. How else can you feel wonder, find awe?

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