Hi, Kids

You found me. Good job.

Hi, Kids

Do you want to see me type pages of acrobatics,

Leak leagues of sea toxins into a light beam

And battle capturers of imagination, soul, love

Until they release what chains they’d linked?

Do you want to see me twist turntable talk

With the tactful trajectory of an Irish tabby cat?

What about bastions of built upon aberrances**?

Do you want to see those, too?    

Do you mind awkward things?

Sometimes I write so free*

I don’t see the meanings appearing

At the tips of my typing torpedo fingers,

So I can seem aloof like space shuttles

Slipping off the side of humble Earth.

I say things suddenly, when they are most living.

I do not edit most of this blog. A quickly

Look over and I’m satisfied to the point

Of posting pageants of calendar particular POP.

Like: sloppy plops of clobbering sobby lobs 

Hops of hippopotamus hearty hawks

And such.

Plus, a bunch of misspelled words

And missing punctuation

And missing capitals

Odd organization

And incomplete sentences, oh

For sure a bunch of incomplete sentences

And a TON of prosodylessness

Also, made up words

(Here’s to grad school, dudes!)

** I had no real clue about what that word means until after I had written it and looked up the definition. Why not?

* While the proper word has been, and typically remains for mostpeople, “freely,” with its adverb forming suffix, we usually describe actions with adjective forms like quick, instead of quickly.

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