Long Time No See

Even though I keep an informal goal of posting twice a week, I been missing out for what feels like a long time. Part of it was having my last days of school before winter break—I think I was as excited as the kids! Also, it could have been the sugar crashes from eating mad cookies and candy. Who knows?

The lack of posting here wasn’t for naught, though. I managed to write a load of visual and concrete poems in what I can only call a flow, like Wordsworth’s “spontaneous overflow.”

I think that’s the way it happens. There is a period of exploring new writing and mediums, where nothing is very familiar and what’s produced is unqualifiable, unknown. Then something peculiar happens. *  

More poems need to be written and others need revised, but I’m feeling pretty fantastic about seeing my writing evolve.

I’ll see about sharing some as I work with it during my time off from school. 🙂

* Cavafy, anybody?

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