Centos During Shelter in Place

It seems with so much time spent learning online teaching and sitting in front of my computer all day, I haven’t felt much like posting here (which is true) despite having some free time.

I have been working on a new poetry project, though. Well, it’s actually something I’ve done before, but I’m giving it a do-over.

check out: [my brother built a city] and [there in the woods a little while] at JetFuel Review

After realizing it would probably be better to use public-domain versions of texts for these centos, I’ve gone back to the start. Not only for usage rights worry, I did a really terrible job of keeping track of what lines came from exactly where. At one point, I had to go through Google Books to search for a few mysterious lines.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been putting together the scriptural ebooks that I’ll be using to collage new poems and going through them to pick out lines I can possibly use.

Aside from realizing that the first copy of one book I had was without line/verse numbers after I’d already highlighted a ton of text, the process has been going pretty well. For now, I’m compiling lines and there locations in an Excel sheet that I’ll use later to stitch together the poems (however tf that’s going to happen).

and check out: [I see the gods in your body] at UnLost Journal

I’m curious to see how this one will work out because 1) these older texts have a lot of antique English with words like ‘abideth’ and ‘showeth’ which will be interesting and 2) so much of the wonderful language in the first set came from books that might require permissions at a large scale.

Who knows, maybe using a few lines for some centos doesn’t really bother publishers. Anyway, better to err on the side of public domain, lest use of their copywrit treasures should bringeth up a recompense upon mine head.

Anyway, it should be fun…especially if it upseteth the zealots.

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