New Idea Starting Up

After what felt like months on months of researching portable projectors, I finally found and ordered the one that will work for what I’m interested in doing!

It is battery charged, fairly bright, compatible with my smart phone, and was refurbished (so cheap).

The bonus is that it is super crisp compared to my old school overhead projector. I still love the ole Apollo Horizon II, but it has its limitations–precision of output being one of them.

I’m super excited to keep taking out the new, pocket sized projector. I’ve already gotten it out a couple times for trial runs, and I plan on posting some pictures from the second round tomorrow night. A fair amount of shots went poorly, but it hardly matters now because I was giggling with excitement as I tried out my ideas with Pink Floyd’s “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” playing in my headphones (on shuffle, no less).

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