IG Observation

so posting on Instagram and other social media I think it’s silly for artists and writers to show their failures you know you share your successes (on social media) and you’re taking away from the publisher who trusted your work to bring attention/subscribers and it being interesting to people so other so creatives will instead of showing their best work which is showing elsewhere usually they show their failures or their close ones and yet why does anyone wanna see your failures or what you consider to be a failure your failure is just that a failure. If there’s something of interest in it it was lost the moment you lost track of it and it became a failure (lost) so it just turns me off right I read this guy’s work on Instagram I try to read it ’cause Instagram doesn’t really let you read it and I go into it in the mindset that it is a failure so I immediately so I immediately start looking at it like Oh yeah obviously that **** sucks but there is nothing to tell me that his other work is any better I don’t know his successes are published by somebody OK so haha whatever so I think my strength lies in having shared my process because there’s nothing there’s something immediate in process that tells you (the reader) it’s not the best but there is nothing in process that tells you it’s a failure this is me ******* up right it’s a work in progress it’s the beginning of something spectacular and so if you follow along if you get the email updates and you and you start really having an interest in what I’m doing you will get a glimpse at what beautiful thing will come and you know you show the early parts of your process you show the free writes you show the initial sketches maybe one or two near finish unfinished drafts before going to the computer you know handwritten drafts that Arum OK and interesting because they show your lineation changes they show where it started and you get to see where it finishes right and other stuff you see it as a seed and because it’s process, because it’s free style the reader knows that it’s not something to really heavily invest in (like a practiced prosody) but regularly invest in it and you’ll get enjoyable things you know something will come out of it if you’re not invested then whatever you’re you’re if you’re around then you know I’m not posting failures you know I showed you just process (Just) and you know maybe then you’ll Buy the book and see I think I know that this idea of process and early drafts is just as off putting to some people as showing failures is to me ’cause some people are like oh failure in that case I’m going to buy your book so I can get to see the successes I get to see the really good stuff and in a sense I’m showing failures (too) but I’m doing that without I’m doing that without there’s a bug on me without the intention of recycling the paper you know I acknowledge by posting these things that there’s something important to them but I’m not going to the final

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