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I’m starting to think that businesses, whether corporations or artists or academics, anyone putting their ‘product’ into the world, are really botching social media.

I mean, Twitter posts look like static landing pages for most people. I do this, too. I’m not knife handing all the people I know and follow. I’m just pointing out a need for something different.

Here’s a book. There’s a poem. We have an event coming up. Blah

It’s like the only reason to go on social media is to see sales and reviews.

What I love seeing are those posts where one fast food restaurant straight up disses another. Like, saying their french fries soggy or calling out how their tacos are hell. You know?

I love when social platforms are used socially.

I want to see people’s cats and pancake breakfasts. I really don’t care about avoiding both advertisements and your marketing unmagic.

If there isn’t a person there, then what am I doing “socializing” with it?

I’ve never been good at socializing. I’m too quiet.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with social media, but I’ve been botching it pretty hard, for sure. Something needs to change.

Ultimately, that’s the reason for writing and creating on this blog.

In this social environment, I don’t feel the need to present only the finished product or the published work. I don’t require governing body approval for sharing my passions. You know?

This can be a space to show the stuff I’d show Ashcan or Riddles. The stuff an average mfa-er doesn’t groove with, requiring a broad swm-seeking-creative-minds net to be cast. The stuff I’m excited about while in the dark on what it is.

Professors scoff at the concept of a blog (much like they scoffed at the printing press; Bullhickey! Now just anyone in the rabble can print whatever primitive nonesense they wish!).

But, this is an unmapped area

this is something newly, full of mystery, growing.

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