Digital Publishing Brainstorm w/ Dictation App


So a website has a potential that social media doesn’t

Social media platforms like Instagram Facebook Twitter offer a potential home or place for artists writers and people. It’s a play there these are places where work can be shared but social media platform is in the moment it’s taking pictures of the coffee or drinking in the morning and talking about your day after work and taking pictures and sharing fun moments on the weekends right it’s in the moment it’s as you’re doing it you might put up things from a week ago but that’s not really the point it’s the immediacy it’s the the tendency tord sharing space and time with a friend this is the thing I’m going to be talking about with my best friend if you sitting next to me but since no one’s here or he’s in this other place I’m going to take a picture and put it on Instagram and look a hashtag remember that time or whatever right there is a diversity to social media though and so people They post their work they post their poems they post their paintings or their their digital around like their graphic design and I think that’s a mistake I think sharing the final product shows a lack of concern I don’t know I think in the social world

I find social media is a perfect place to share process to share in the moment if my friend and I were writing together in this room this is when I would look up and say yo check this out it’s in the process it’s not completely done I haven’t really thought it through yet it might not jive ultimately but in the moment it looks kinda cool and here’s why right you haven’t looked at the angles you haven’t thought all the angles you entered it through one angle and you’re sharing that with your friend and then you know OK later this doesn’t this makes you look sexist this makes me really machismo you know I mean so you you don’t make it doesn’t get to the final cut it doesn’t get revised to the point it’s in the final cut yeah sharing the work itself is just advertising and not just advertising it’s it shows a lack of concern for the work itself you know when I’m most social with my writing I just share it in the moment and show you what the **** I’m up to when I’m most professional about my writing I hope it’s close to the chest and it’s like social media is not the place to really share the work itself snapshots OK in the process of getting installed in the Gallery cool the work itself now but then you look at places like websites and there’s huge potential for art pieces right art pieces pieces of art the website has art object and so it can be online for a certain period of time and there can be a subscription with it or you pay your ticket to see the final thing or blah blah blah or you pay to see the website in the 1st place but it’s like a it’s like a pop up website so it comes up it is what it is at the best it can possibly be maybe things change right I like the blog format because there can be a sense of action a static website school but if someone just puts up a website with their essay it’s like why are you doing this but if someone puts up an artist statement or poetic statement and then continues or proceeds to develop across a series of pieces you know a theme a story or whatever you know that that’s doing something parentheses takes drink parentheses so it’s like how does the digital age

So the question is how does the new digital age approach publishing write a book can be a rare thing you can publish 25 first editions of like an expected classic and then proceed to like have a second edition that’s 100 a third edition it’s 500 a 4th edition at 7 unit just keeps growing growing and so the really truly worthwhile artifact is is this like a first editions these first copies. So on the Internet it’s like how do you how does a published item become rare you know and worth something and like encryption you know in however many years some 12 year old kid is going to program a hack so that you can download a Kindle book and then keep it without paying word for it you know I mean just like like mapster that will happen so how do you keep digital medium rare how do you keep it unique and I think there are a lot of ways to do that like USB’s that are encrypted you know encryption will last longer ’cause who left cares about about some experimental essays but then there’s a physical object that lasts I think digital is the safest though because whatever hardware we use to access a digital sphere the the hardware is going to change and change and change it might hit a plateau but then it’ll sidestep it’ll move around or very little backtrack it’ll but the only thing that will remain unchanged is the digital sphere itself you can approach the Internet from multiple types of computers from multiple different decades and it’s still the same Internet so as long as that’s intact as long as the root of the Internet continues to hum that will you know will be OK so the way to make it rare is to make it not last so my idea

So my idea is to have a website Enoch put the website completely together have multiple pages of work of art of poetry of blah blah and then share it well that’s the thing right OK here’s so I’m like working on an idea with this I realized

The idea is that social media which shows processand beginnings is meant to lead people to a final product which is a temporary website pop-up website pay use PayPal you know what I mean like some easy **** everyone should have a ******* PayPal account loose ends disappear damn you guys are listening close

Yeah and this could be done buy or four authors you know like as a publishing house there’s the essential like new Atlantis press and it has all you know always been showing the process and thenWe come out with the final product as pop up website immediate digital sphere sudden access limited access limited by time you know we’ve been limiting we’ve been limited by space for a long time right Milan for fashion you know it’s far away it takes a long time to get there but it’s far away you gotta move to get there where the Internet we can access so much and like we’re in a pandemic where pretty much computers are like well all we have to connect with people you know we see now like oh I can connect with people this way dope I don’t have to drive ********* backroads with these *** **** bicyclist taking up half the road with no side no burm no edge lines you know bug I can stay at home and still talk with my friend like we see that like the digital sphere is super important and easy to connect with and so space is removed people will go to gallery’s they’ll go to museums they’ll go to shows to readings well I don’t know maybe it’s the poet in me the reader who’s like not about social situations with this intimate and quiet instill environment in which I you know fall in love with words mixed that up with a bunch of buzzing bodies bubbling about their brainy bananas how can I concentrate . So what am I talking aboutfor me The Internet gives me access to literature to poetry to essays to heart that space doesn’t allow me to access in which in my own space I’m a little uncomfortable to just jump into but I still want to enter our still wanna party guys so want to be apart of it so my point is I think people are willing to to go deep on some Internet literature experiences parentheses I’ve just been reading some Michel focoult And I love what he says about literature he says like any decent philosopher that the literature really it’s that inexplicable it’s that connection with the illimitable you know people call pamphlets literature and maybe people actually transcend themselves when reading a pamphlet or an ingredients list or some mystical text so it’s cool to think that a temporary experience on the web you know could be something to do that someone could approach it and find themselves aware totally aware at the root of that awareness is this silly pop up website with art and words and images and ideas and artifice it’s kind of cool to think about

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