Free Write Starting with a Favorite Word

A word itself can gain one access to what they seek. A mantra, a prayer, can unite a person to hosts of experiences. One sound could solve all the riddles of the universe. A grunt and spit, if you’ve ever played baseball, could reveal the radical truths at work on the diamond as the second baseman choses where to throw the ball in a double play.

One word can also start a poem.



hypnosis flow




oblation sound station / variants include contusions on your bled brow / bow down — how now!?


former controller


corner / round / as our / cosmos

tao jones folding already known folds

90 degrees seems easy till it’s / round

as a thought crashing down

youre on your knees, now!?

ouch like ink blot

point to the exact spot

if you can’t

then i guess you’r lost

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