Lessons for the End of Time

I can’t believe it took me this long to have this idea.

From the beginning of all this projector play, there had been a sense that anything produced on an overhead projector would bear some semblance to old school classrooms, and with them a likeness to lecturing and delivering lessons.

As obvious of a connection as that may have seemed, hardly anything making use of that reminiscence came to be. This last weekend, though, I decided to jump in.

Maybe it’s being on summer break from teaching, there being some level of longing to be in the classroom again, and fear of being in the classroom again (haha), that brought this on. Maybe I just ran out of other ideas. One can never be sure.

What happened happened with an imaginary audience and the assumption that I was speaking to them in addition to writing and drawing on the overhead. Most of the lecture happened but was not recording by audio or av equipment. Think of these lectures like a student’s visual notes that require verbal notes also.

There is no memory of what was said in that room. Can we know what these overhead projections mean? Can we assume to know when we only have half the picture?

Tell me what you think. What, really, were these lectures delivered to nobody about?

May I present to you the first in a series of

Lectures Delivered to Nobody

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