About the Blog

Quick shot of bearded me wearing a beret a young student gifted me.

This blog roll is work-in-progress. It is a process of writing. It is a freestyle over irl beats with mc reveals.

This blog is in the moment. 

I’m not trying to impress you. I’m trying to let you in, to find my way to you and into your poetry. 

This blog is for the Academy circa the year 3030*

Part of this is to reach into the poetry writing and reading community at large. Distances are for the Pony Express and United Postal Service while we can reach each other anywhere in the world on a smartphone. 

Part of this is to maintain a regular writing practice.

Part if this is to imagine publishing in nu ways.

Part of it is to if more and more language’s domain. Who ever said sounds and what they name are the uniform and perfecting anyway?

Part of it is to create in a free space(s) without judgement, self criticism or looming report cards.

To document.

I’m turning in blog posts to the altruistic ever of internet ambiguity. I’m writing what is never said. To “discover in detail / a vast expanse of woe.”**

This blog is one of my ten thousand things. 

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* Check out “Mastermind” by Deltron Zero and the Automator.

** Number 139 in the book “Collected songs of Cold Mountain” from Copper Canyon.