Outdoor Projector Poetry Experiments

When I first claimed my overhead projector, I got excited not only to have it for using in environments closer to its usual spaces, but also I was excited to see if I could manage to use it outdoors. As you’ll see in the galleries below, that’s where this all began: free writes on an overhead projector outdoors.

It didn’t work amazingly except late at night, which made it a pain for neighbors. Plus, without the ability to carry it around town and plug in wherever I fancied, there was no way to power the thing except at home. One space is fine for a while, but this thing, this Apollo: Horizon 2 projector needed to see more of the world than it had. So, a new plan was needed.

The idea ended up developing into buying a used mino projector that could hook up to my smart phone and, most importantly, could run on a battery. Buying this piece of equipment, meant that I could project my writing wherever I wanted! With the exception of daylight/well lit areas, of course. You’ll see some pictures are a little dim due to poor strength of light in the projector and weak camera settings.

What follows then, are free writes and devised free writes making use, in particular, of concrete poetry aesthetics, which were written mostly while walking about Kent, Ohio.

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