The Gods and The Devils

the broken and the menders

My Own Way

the fates have spoken / so that’s all

A Temptation

you try not looking despite your curiosity

Life Event/Shift

try to otherwise


What hierarchy / suggests / your impending / fruitions?

Free Write Overlay

because all people everywhere / know that knowing causes / the greatest sorrow

Random Set

to me you are / dark sky moon / you are too bright to fully consume / oh you pull at me / through & thru


It’s just a matter / of how many layers / of “me” you release


what good / is the awe / of stars / if we see / only that / we are / worlds apart?

Traced Poems While Sick

Sick / Sick / Sick / Sick / Sick

Wednesday Night

who cares / what thinking / matters when making / matters most?

Visual Poem Trace(s)

and / looking / to the sky / w/ / a b / -reath / of supremely / real / air

From a Hopeless Romantic

As darkness / inclines itself toward / the stars / There will be a / breath of air / That will become / the exhale of our united sigh