George – Video Poem

Watch: George Here

As I mentioned back in my Dandelion Tea Post, I started experimenting with video poems last winter. Well, I started with the basics of taking and editing video for the purpose of composing poems a couple years ago, but this last winter I actually made some headway and wrote a few things.

I like to tell myself that I haven’t shared this poem, George, until now because the video shows a rather gloomy looking December, and I didn’t want to make anyone’s Midwestern winter and worse.

Really, I just realize that these early poems are a little clunky. I’m no director or lens-man, and according to my in-progress and very important seeming manifesto on the subject, a video poem does not need to be in HD Hi Ultra focus.

Life can get blurry, wonky, altogether messy. So, poems do, too.

I hope you enjoy this early video poem, written for the little guy who no one seems to like but me.



George sits in salute to the sun as the earth

Bows in its swirl through the cosmos

While I pour coffee over my dreams

I wonder if the movement of clouds powders

His thoughts with ideas of a tidal universe

Or if combed-through purrs are all he wishes for

Oh, George, plan your soul’s escape

By the pull of these orbicular worlds

Let the gentle wax and wane of the stars

Guide you through the laborious body of the day

Sleep, little sun

Enjoy the warm light cascading over you

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