About Overhead Projector Poems

I have this project or idea: it’s where I take an overhead projector to various places and write out poems, essays, flash fiction and other writing.

Mostly, I just have questions. Now, I’m considering the environment more than in the first sessions. To what end? I’m finding a flow of writing, I think; there’s a general template I’m finding as I go through the process a few times. Is that a good thing? The range of the projector could become an issue. What happens when I’m invited to write on the Empire State Building?

One major note I have so far is that the environment plays an intrinsic role in the process. From the surface the writing shows up on to spaces not seen in the photographs, the environment is where these writing sessions are rooted.

Then, thinking about writing format:

Variable surfaces for projection either have me writing inside the lines or consciously avoiding them. I wonder, if I found a space with natural or artificial (but not produced for the purposes of the project) curves and arcs and crags, in what ways would following those lines and running contrary to them differ from writing on flat, straight surfaces. What lingo-meaning would come out? How would juxtaposition operate? to produce what?

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