I’ve been lucky enough to find magazines and reviews with open minded editors. On this page, you’ll see a list of publications, some of which include links to the original website.


Never a Contest Newsletter: By Brandon North

In Case I Fall in the Lake at Cuyahoga County Public Library 

Light Beam at NōD Magazine print

Modern Haiku 1 and 3 at After the Pause

Black Feat(h)ers & Summer Wind at Ink, Sweat & Tears

Brains at NōD Magazine online teaser

3:11 am at Maudlin House

Holy Book Cento [I see the gods in your body] at UnLost Journal

Paris I, Paris II, and Whtvr at Word For/Word Vol. 30 

Holy Book Cento(s) [my brother built a city] and [there in the woods a while] at Jet Fuel Review

Light Beam at Nōd Magazine

Body Poems, Why do ya, and Eddie at Rubbertop Review Vol. 9 

I, II, III, and A Vision at jubilat  #33


End of a Rainbow at Bangalore Review

Starting at Zero at Sidereal Magazine

Poetry Letters at Burning House Press

I also am working on chapbook and manuscript length pieces, as well as live multimedia performance.

Contact me at if you are interested in my work and/or collaborating.

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